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Our history

Arnad Le Vieux srl was established twenty years ago in Arnad, a typical village of Aosta Valley.

Because of the success of their products and the need to satisfy an ever-growing demand, they decided to start the company Arnad Le Vieux srl, that produces according to traditional recipes «Lard d’Arnad PDO», «Lard du Pays», «Mocetta», «Pancetta», «Coppa» and other typical cold cuts and cured meat’s products of Aosta Valley.

Today the brand is well established and fulfills all EU requirement.

Recently, the brand obtained the I.F.S. (International Featured Standard) DE 12/81829851 International Food   Standard Version 5 August 2007.




The use and existence of Lard in Aosta Valley dates back to 1570, where its presence among the food consumed by the monk’s of Saint Orso Monastery and the distribution of it to needy people is witnessed by a famous manuscript.

Seasoned products

Arnad Le Vieux offers a large assortment of typical sliced Aosta Valley products, click the button to discover them all.

Cooked Ham

The exclusive traditional Arnad Le Vieux recipe allows its cooked products to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Aosta valley

It is one of the most particular regions of italian peninsula. This is a land of pastures, green forests and white valleys that make the area fascinating and magical. The characteristics of the gastronomic tradition of the valley are determined by the morphological aspect of this land. The gastronomy of this territory is very linked to the various historical events and the products of the Aosta Valley cuisine are many and very varied, very tasty preserved over the centuries with slight changes due to the improvement of socio-economic conditions. Foods characterized by ancient local products including fontina, lard, salami, chestnuts and polenta enriched with butter and cheese.

Tradition and quality

Arnad le vieux

Born in the 90s in the characteristic Valdostano town of Arnad. Arnad is a town at the beginning of the Aosta Valley, characterized by a particular microclimate particularly favorable to the curing of cold cuts. Furthermore, the aromatic herbs used in the salting of typical Aosta Valley products grow spontaneously here.

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Milan Tram Station

Our “Valle d’Aosta Lardo d’Arnad DOP” can’t be missed in the Christmas tables.
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